Monting College

For years, Monting has been focusing on continuous training and training of welders, banners and locksmiths, and today's need for these employees is even greater. Just because of the problems arising from the fluctuation of such a deficient staff, Monting has started its own college registered at the Ministry of Education within which it is continuously engaged in adult education for the profession of locksmith, banderol and welder by our experienced engineers and technologists.

Thus, the Monting College - adult education institution organizes enrollments in training programs for:
simple jobs in a locksmith industry,
craze jobs,
welding work for MIG / MAG welding process,
welding work by TIG welding process of carbon steel,
the welding operations of the REL welding process,
the welding operations by
the welding process of the sheet metal and pipe welding,
welding operations of REL-cellulose by welding process.

The programs are brought about by the growing need for qualified locksmiths, pipes and welders in various industrial activities, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and metallurgy. Because of the increasing demands placed on welding, casting and locksmith work, more skilled and educated people are needed. By adopting these programs and training potential students, it will facilitate employment services to quickly and efficiently address current workforce issues and problems arising from fluctuations in this kind of staff. These programs are designed to train a staff member in the profession of a locksmith, hose or welder with the appropriate skills to work safely, in accordance with applicable occupational safety regulations. The basic task is to train the students for independent work in the field of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and metallurgy, both in Croatia and throughout Europe and around the world. The development of machine learning

Welding school

Education of new welders
Preparation and control of experienced welders
10 welding cabins
Every year between 75 and 100 welders pass through the welding school

School of bands and locksmiths

Education of new bands / locksmiths
Preparation and control of experienced bass / locksmiths
10 new jobs
Every year passes between 50 boules / lockers through the school
Sign up for education
The competition is open throughout the year. Depending on the number of applicants submitted, a group is sufficient to maintain the teaching.
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